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Laboratory Animal Study Group (LABSG)

"Helping professionals prepare for certification in laboratory animal medicine and science."


LABSG is a journal group that is owned by Angela King-Herbert and moderated by Stephanie Murphy. The members include veterinary students, laboratory animal residents and post-doc students, and "ACLAM-boarded" laboratory animal veterinarians. These individuals are assigned journal articles from current laboratory animal journals. They create summaries and sample questions and answers that are posted to the EQuALS™. The information in EQuALS™ would not be available if it was not for the hard work of all of the members.

4,400+ Questions have been entered into EQuALS™ from LAGSG's International Coalition Archives.  


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Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Academies around the country are rigorous, physically and mentally.  The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) has 12 written examinations and 4+ practical examinations in a 15-week period. 


While attending the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, Deputy Mitalski (Class President of Basic Tier I Class 2018-215) developed an exam study aid in EQuALS™.  The study aid helped Deputy Mitalski and others find success on the [almost] weekly ILEA exams. 

There are currently over 675+ Law Enforcement Basic Training Study Questions available in EQuALS! The questions are categorized; 20% of the current questions deal with criminal law content.

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Law Enfrocement

PREPA.R.E., Inc. - Structural Systems Course and Sample Questions

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PREPA.R.E., Inc (PREPARE) was founded in October, 2002 on the premise of providing quality education to “prep” candidates for the Structural Systems component of the Architect Registration Exam (A.R.E.).

Teaching professionals and students kept PREPARE on the cutting-edge of the latest trends; thus keeping us current in the professional practice of architecture and engineering. We brought our experiences from  professional practice back to the classroom! This cyclical process of knowledge and implementation is a big part of the success of PREPARE's educational and professional endeavors.  PREPARE's education endeavors have been provided in live venues around the U.S., and in blended learning environments (live-online and self-paced videos) to adult learners all over the world. 

The Structural Systems Self-Pace Course is a 35+ hour review to prepare A.R.E candidates for the Structural Systems Exam by:  1) using the instructor's professional experience and education in architecture and structural engineering, 2) relate the fundamental principles of structural engineering through problem solving and discussion of real life examples where these are encountered.

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Structural Systems Study Questions Only:  $12.00 / Month

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