Introducing EQuALS™

Exam Question and Answer Learning System (EQuALS™) – a robust, fresh, professional way to deliver content! EQuALS™ allows study content to be setup in an exam-style, question & answer format multiple choice, choose all that apply, true & false, and numeric fill in the blank.

In 2012, PREPARE developed and released a proprietary software, EQuALS™!  EQuALS™ was developed in response to our clients / learners wanting more study questions and detailed explanations of why the right answers are correct and the wrong answers are incorrect; PREPARE’s competitors in kindred subject matter did not provide convincing, and sometimes incorrect, answers.


EQuALS™ provides a vehicle to incorporate in-depth explanations.  All too often, students trust answers at face value without “digging” deeper into WHY the answer is correct or the best.  If a student guesses at a multiple-choice question, whether they guess correctly or incorrectly, the student may still not know why their guess was correct or incorrect.  EQuALS™ provides the format and vehicle to provide understanding for each question!


Since 2012, EQuALS™ has had more than 3,000 subscribers!  For a 7-year period between 2012 -2019, PRPEARE’s flagship question group “Structural Systems Sample Questions”, boasts 340 question slides, with 1,719 subscribers.  The subscribers generated 405,979 question slides accumulating  1,557,723 views!

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Introducing EQuALS

A Four Module System to deliver your Content, allow users to learn, provide for sponsors, and get feedback.