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Introducing EQuALS™

Exam Question and Answer Learning System (EQuALS™) – a robust, fresh, professional way to deliver content! EQuALS™ allows study content to be setup in an exam-style, question & answer format multiple choice, choose all that apply, true & false, and numeric fill in the blank.

In 2012, PREPARE developed and released a proprietary software, EQuALS™!  EQuALS™ was developed in response to our clients / learners wanting more study questions and detailed explanations of why the right answers are correct and the wrong answers are incorrect; PREPARE’s competitors in kindred subject matter did not provide convincing, and sometimes incorrect, answers.


EQuALS™ provides a vehicle to incorporate in-depth explanations.  All too often, students trust answers at face value without “digging” deeper into WHY the answer is correct or the best.  If a student guesses at a multiple-choice question, whether they guess correctly or incorrectly, the student may still not know why their guess was correct or incorrect.  EQuALS™ provides the format and vehicle to provide understanding for each question!


Since 2012, EQuALS™ has had more than 3,000 subscribers!  For a 7-year period between 2012 -2019, PRPEARE’s flagship question group “Structural Systems Sample Questions”, boasts 340 question slides, with 1,719 subscribers.  The subscribers generated 405,979 question slides accumulating  1,557,723 views!


PREPA.R.E., Inc (PREPARE) was founded in October, 2002 on the premise of providing quality education to “prep” candidates for the Structural Systems component of the Architect Registration Exam (A.R.E.).

Teaching professionals and students kept PREPARE on the cutting-edge of the latest trends; thus keeping us current in the professional practice of architecture and engineering. We brought our experiences from  professional practice back to the classroom! This cyclical process of knowledge and implementation is a big part of the success of PREPARE's educational and professional endeavors.

PREPARE's education endeavors were provided in live venues around the U.S., and in blended learning environments (live-online and self-paced videos) to adult learners all over the world. 

PREPARE's A.R.E. Structural Systems Course and Study Questions can still be found via the following link:  PREPARE Structural Systems Content.

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