Enrollment Process Reminder and Next Steps to Get Started


Please keep in mind that the course, software, and all of its content is for single user access; please do not share your login information with others, view with others, etc. The expiration date of your enrollment is noted under the “green PURCHASED” button on your home screen. 


Duration of Access.

  • Upon subscription to a course or question bank, your initial subscription will be for 6-months (186 days) or 1-month (31 days), whichever time frame you decided to subscribe.  The access period begins from the day of subscription, the date of expiration to your access can be found under the "green PURCHASED" button.


Auto-Enrollment - Begin Immediately


  • For instant enrollment, an EQuALS™ account must have been setup prior to your subscription (purchase) - If you did not have an  EQuALS™ Account prior to making your purchase, set one up, e-mail us your EQuALS Username, and we will manually associate your purchase (during normal business hours) with your Username.

  • With subscription to a course, we also provide access to the associated sample questions; we will associate your EQuALS™ account with the sample questions manually during normal business hours and send you an e-mail confirmation when this has occured.

Helpful Hints & Downloads
Courses versus Questions / Mock Exams


  • For all courses, and when the questions / mock exams are used in a live presentation environment, set the "Randomize Questions" option to NO. 

  • When taking a course, just ignore the word "Exam" and think of it as a "Course".  (We will be investing in the software in the future to separate the course terminology from the sample question terminology).


Reference Material


  • We no longer ship  course material.  However you are welcome view and print a hardcopy of the material as you need it. PDF(s) are  available through EQuALS™.  Once you start a course, click on the "REFERENCE" button in the left hand toolbar.  This will bring you to a list of material that you can download, view, and print as you wish.  (Due to some of our agreements with outside publishers (i.e. AISC, ICC) their material can not be printed.)There is a .pdf for each chapter such as "PREPARE Structural Systems Course Material - 03 - Statics and Stress".

Helpful Downloads for Course / Question Setup



Return / Refund Policy

  • Online courses and / or practice exams may not be returned or exchanged; no refund will be provided.  We encourage subscribers to demo the course and materials prior to subscribing.

  • For live courses (live on-line or live in-person) if you can not be in attendance you will be refunded the cost of the course less 25 percent.


Any questions? Get in touch through our Contact Us page