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Exam Question and Answer Learning Systems™ EQuALS™ - Features


PREPARE uses EQuALS™ to deliver it content.  EQuALS™ provides us with a professional education system that is not only ideal to deliver our conent in blended learning environments, but also allows us to better engage our students.  EQuALS™ is based upon a flashcard method, but through advancements in digital media, goes further in assisting students preparing for the A.R.E.


EQuALS™ - Features


  • Various Question types to simulate the exam experience: multiple choice, choose all that apply, fill-in the blank.

  • Explanations of why the "correct" answers are correct and the "incorrect" choices are incorrect.

  • Video explanations for select problems.

  • Hyperlinks are provided where applicable to expand on an explanation or for referece citation.

  • Take notes while you study by typing them in. The notest are associated with the information you are studying and then you can retrieve those notes for future studying.

  • Study Session / Exam history - score (%), correct, incorrect, incomplete for each session.

  • Bookmark a question for future review.

  • Easy to "Flag" a question and send an e-mail to PREPARE if you need more explanation, see a typo, etc.

  • Questions are assigned to categories (general structures, seismic, wind, lateral) so you can self-evaluate your results or just study a specific category.

  • Questions are rated by difficulty level.

EQuALS Tool Bar - 2

"NOTES" - Student can take Notes directly in the system. The "Notes" are associated directly with the content and can be retrieved and reviewed by the Student in the future. "REFERENCE" - Access .pdf reference material provided by the author "FLAG THIS QUESTION" - send a question or comment directly to the author as you study.